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Major Interests

Historical interactions between the Americas and Europe, with a focus on the Hispanic world expansively understood; legacies of the Early Modern/Colonial period (1500-1800); Colonial Studies and Postcolonial Theories; Cultural Studies and Subaltern Studies; Philosophy of History; Historiography; Literary Theory; Aesthetics; Politics; North-South relations between the Americas and Europe, inter-American and inter-European relations, including Britain; history of pan-Americanism; European Studies; the "Global South," the “West-and-the-rest” template; Hispanic / Latin/o presence in the U.S.; intersections between Anglophone and Hispanophone societies; general avatars of the "humanities" (or the liberal arts); the relationship between foreign policy and the “humanities; pedagogy and education (secondary, university) in different national systems, the connections between school and venues such as museums, film, theater, photography, the impact of the digital world of internet in issues of literacy, etc. 

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